Beautiful Sky Marina Espinosa Drives 600HP Mitsubishi Evo!

If a girl knows how to drive, it doesn`t matter if it is an import car or an American muscle car. The blonde in the video below proves exactly that she possesses some quality driving skills. But before we get to that point, let us do our job and briefly describe the content of the footage you are eager to see. It all begins with a regular stop at the gas station. However, you are going to see that this stop turns out to be “irregular”, because later on in the video Sky Marina Espinosa is going to push the pedal to the metal and spend that fuel!

Before playing the recording, you might want to adjust the volume of your sound devices, because this fierce black Mitsubishi Evo with 600 horses beneath the bonnet! Luckily, the cameraman has thought of all those who want to sneak a peek into that power, and delighted us with a several seconds view of that machine! The fun part comes right after this section. Marina takes the Evo out on the highway where she can take the max out of it by shifting gears at high RPM! Note how calm she is unlike the cameraman who is all excited!

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