Taking into an account the numerous and various video clips that we have shown you with girls and women who had proven to be truly awesome and very skillful behind the wheel, I think that no one should have any doubts that there are many females out there who can really rock and roll with their cars (or their husbands`). But just in case if there are still some disbelievers among you, today we have prepared a video that will bring down all those doubts and denies. As you could have read in the title, what we have here, behind the wheel of that awesome Twin Turbo Corvette with a glossy black paint job, is one lady who (obviously) loves burnouts and turning her neighborhood into a real military drill polygon, creating huge and thick clouds of smoke!

Therefore, I`m saying that she is a real queen of burnouts and clouds of smoke, and I`m sure that she can take a challenge by any guy, any day of the week! Just take a look at the video below, see her in action and you will see what I`m talking about! Way to go girl! Nailing that Twin Turbo Corvette!

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