Learn More About Thermoforming! The Magical Vacuum Forming Process Is Very Satisfying To Watch!

Thermoforming is one of the oldest methods of shaping plastics into useful products. Originally referred to as vacuum forming, the process involves heating a sheet of plastic until it approaches the point of melting and then introducing it to a form or mold. Vacuum pressure draws the hot material against the mold to take on its shape, hence the term vacuum forming or thermal forming. Goods made from the vacuum forming process can be found all around in packaging, and in the products themselves. There are 2 main types of Thermoforming. One is the roll-feed (thin gauge) and the other sheet feed (heavy gauge.)

In the video below, you`ll have the opportunity to see how the vacuum forming process looks. We got to say, it`s very enjoyable to watch that plastic molding into a wonderful product. It`s very calming in its own way. These specific machines in the video are made by the UK-based company Formech. In the video, you`ll see plastic sheet being heated and formed to a specific shape in a mold. The video says that the largest use of Thermoforming is for food packaging. However, we can see it being used for just about anything. Check out this sorcerers process in the video below, and share with us your opinions.

To learn more about the thermoforming process, follow this link!