Completely Safe To Play With?! I Don’t Think So! Check Out The Magical Gallium Liquid Metal & Don’t Do This At Home!

Gallium is a silver-colored metal that is extracted during zinc and aluminum production. This magical element is mainly used in the production of semiconductors. It`s also used in Blu-ray lasers and players and it is a very efficient ski additive as well. The Gallium liquid metal is not completely safe to touch and play with. Liquidated metal that doesn’t sting does not make it safe, you can still get cancer from it and radiation poisoning…

However, the guys demonstrating it in the video are using gloves because it can get a little messy. Therefore, do not try this at home. When in its solid form, Gallium cannot be extracted from the container. However, by placing it in warm water for a few minutes, it transforms to liquid.

The melting point of Gallium liquid metal is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When in liquid form, it`s just astonishing to look at. As it cools, beautiful crystals are formed. To speed up the cooling process, you can also use ice. Gallium is one of the few materials that expands as it cools. When in its liquid form, Gallium can be applied to pane of glass and turned into a mirror. There is also one very cool trick that can be done with this magical metal. You can make a spoon disappear in hot tea. Watch the video below and find out how to create a Gallium tea spoon.

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