There are Girls Driving MITSUBISHI EVO 8 SSL and Others!

Although it is not unusual to see a girl behind the steering wheel nowadays, men are still losing their minds about it! However, the number of gearhead girls is still significantly smaller than boys. That`s probably one of the reasons, they are rare. And we have to take care of what`s rare. Let`s just hope that these boys` reaction will motivate the girls to participate in the automotive world even more. Anyhow, today`s video is maybe short. But it includes girls and a MITSUBISHI EVO 8 so it deserves to press the play button at least several times.

It features two pretty girls, who are probably friends because we don`t think they look alike. What do you think? Nevertheless, that won`t matter at the end. The point is that one of them is definitely a gearhead and the other is totally the opposite! Pay attention to the reaction of the girl sitting on the left!

She is so scared yet it is hilarious! But why is she scared? Because her friend pushed the pedal to the metal and shifted those gears like she stole the car! Trust us, you are going to love it!

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