Crazy Lady Leaves Her Car In Motion & Walks Like Nothing Happened!

There is this famous stereotype that women are worse drivers than men. We do not agree with that! As a matter of fact, we respect women who know how to operate a vehicle, no matter if it`s a two-wheeler, four-wheeler or even eighteen-wheeler! Actually, there are numerous articles, here on our web site, regarding women who know a thing or two about driving! However, the crazy lady video you are about to see, may cast a shadow on our view-point.

Imagine this situation: you are driving on the road, listening to your preferred tune on the radio when the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops! Just like this! Out of nowhere! Then you press the brake as hard as possible to avoid collision! Naturally! But that`s not the worst part! After the car ahead of you stops, the driver just abandons it, and walks away as cool as everything is normal! Wonder where the crazy lady is headed? Anyway, this whole situation becomes even more frustrating when she crosses her arms! It is outrageous! Although there is no evidence (yet) about a man doing so, but we believe that such man doesn`t even exist! Only one thing remains a mystery: WHY did she act like this? What do you think?

Anyway, let`s compensate this situation with the greatest female race car drivers the World has ever seen. Follow this link to see who they are!