Close & Personal With Russian Billionaire’s $ 300 MILLION YACHT!

A few centuries ago, in the time of the Russian Tsars, Russian nobility used to show off its wealth and luxury lifestyle by buying horses. Nowadays, in the age of the Russian tycoons and billionaires, these guys are showing off their financial power by competing which one will have more expensive, more eccentric and more luxurious yacht! The example that we are going to show it to you today is definitely one of the most talked yachts on the world seas. This 394-foot beauty, designed by the French designer Philippe Starck, belongs to the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. It was completed somewhere in 2008, becoming a $ 300 million yacht.

As you will see it in just a few moments, this awesome yacht called “A”, has a pretty radical design, which reminds a lot more on a submarine than a pleasure boat, and it features numerous custom components and finishes. The interior provides 23 600 square feet of living space, equipped with state of the art technology, Baccarat-crystal tables, polished silver, or the way certain interior design experts and connoisseur are describing it, it is sort of a unique mixture of Vegas aesthetics with Manhattan loft.

But I really think that it would be much better if you take a look at the following $ 300 million yacht video clip and see this state of the art project named “A” yourself. And if you are interested in finding out which are the top ten most expensive yachts in the world, go to this link.