Lukasz Opalinski MAGNITUDE Yacht! 295 ft Long OPULENT Yacht! Must See This GORGEOUS Creation!

The world is a place of many varieties! Everyone has its own path and everyone has its own passions! If you are the ones with deep pockets, you passion is probably YACHTS! By loving them, you have heard about the great creator Lukasz Opalinski and now we would like to present to you his great project – LUKASZ OPALINSKI MAGNITUDE YACHT! Yachts always make us sigh, but this particular one is capable to cause more than just sighs. This is what the industrial designer Lukasz Opalinski actually wanted to achieve. In other words, to create a yacht that differs from the conventional ones, whilst being easy to operate with. The final goal with this yacht is to inspire designers all over the world in creating new designs.

Anyhow, the Project Magnitude is based on Oceanco`s engineering platform Y700 and is characterized by the large presence of glass. Moreover, the designer adds that the unified glass will allow bigger amount of sunlight and therefore visually increasing the space and also to experience breath-taking views during the travels. Additionally, possibly the best element of Project Magnitude is the detachable beach, where you can enjoy the sun away from the yacht. Don`t worry, it is still connected underwater. Now, let`s take a look at this vessel from a different point of view. Its body is completely made of steel while the superstructure is from aluminum. The maximum speed is 20 knots (half loaded) and it can cross 6,900 nautical miles at a speed of 14 knots! It is powered by two MTU 20V 4000 M73L turbocharged diesel engines that deliver 4,828 bhp @ 2,050 RPM! You must see the Lukasz Opalinski Magnitude Yacht! Then you may rest.

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