DOOZY! Go “To The Stars” With The Most Beautiful Yacht By John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs! “ADASTRA” – Enough Said!

We have many types of people in this World. However, one type is interesting for us in the moment – THE ARTISTS! The ones who create. These men leave something behind them, they change history, they change the world, the way we think the way we distinguish good from bad, beautiful from ugly. Their only dream is to create something that will be THE BEST IN THE WORLD! John Shuttleworth had a dream, to make the MOST BEAUTIFUL YACHT in the World, and from what we can see, he did it. In the video we are sharing with you today, John Shuttleworth tells us about his dream to build a beautiful yacht. This is one incredibly emotional video, and we advise you to watch it! Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to pursue your own dreams, just like John Shuttleworth did! This is a true designer`s work. Everything is different, the shape, the parts.

John himself, comes from a sailing background, he knew that his yacht had to go as easier as it can through water. The structure, is an ENORMOUS engineering achievement as this yacht is very FUEL EFFICIENT! He named it – ADASTRA, Latin phrase which means “to the stars”. And yes! Launched in April, 2012, according to us it is still the best thing of this kind we have seen (especially at night). The love that has been put into the creation of this BEAUTY can be felt through the sailing motion, the sound and the spirit this boat truly has! This video shows the beautiful yacht ADASTRA in the best light, and it looks ASTONOSHING! We are fascinated by this remarkable creation and the talent John Shuttleworth has! Without further ado, here is the video of this yacht. Enjoy!

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