It`s summer time. The sun is up, and do you know what else is up? – Maltese Falcon Yacht, that`s what! Seriously, is this the best yacht in the World or what? We have been really good hosts, so we`ve prepared 3 videos for you that will make you totally relaxed and will sweep your thoughts for a while. You will be too busy enjoying the Maltese sun, the sea and the yacht. So, let`s begin. If you`ve ever asked yourself -- “What could make me happy?” the answer is probably this yacht. We are talking BIG here, ok? We`re talking millions and millions worth of YACHT! The Maltese Falcon yacht was built by one of the best shipyards in Italy – Perini Navi.

However, it was built in Tuzla, Turkey and is a luxury, ship-rigged yacht formerly owned by Tom Perkins. With its` perfect dimensions: 289 feet long and a beam of 41 feet, it can easily accommodate 12 people looked after by an 18 people crew. When it comes to speed, it can develop the highest one of 22.4 miles per hour using its 19.5 knots. Enjoy the FALCON, guys, it`s all you need right now!

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