Ekanoo Racing TOYOTA GT86 Became The FASTEST IMPORT Vehicle!

When it comes to drag races there is hardly any race or event that has “evaded” to be covered by our team. Plus, if it is a word of a drag world record there is simply no escaping, meaning that the vehicle that achieved the record is already destined to be presented on this website. We think that it is more than clear what is the following video about. Namely, you are about to watch the quickest import vehicle on the planet. And the team in charge of this car is the well-known EKanoo Racing.

You have already watched couple of videos with cars made by EKanoo racing here on this website, but it is never enough. The particular car that achieved this record is a TOYOTA GT86. In this video, you are going to watch it crossing the ¼ mile finish line in 5.774 seconds which are beyond belief!

The name of the driver, who made all this possible, is Gary White. With this performance, he once again showed that he possesses extraordinary skills. In addition, with his driving, this heavily modified Toyota GT86 travelled 60 feet in less than a second (0.953), 330 feet in 2.563 seconds, 1/8 mile in 3.813 seconds at 197 miles per hour and the ¼ finish line in 5.774 seconds at 247 mph. Bravo!

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