The STRONGEST Duramax TORQUE You Have Ever Seen!

We all have our own stories about a Truck we`ve seen that has some MASSIVE DURAMAX TORQUE! Well, the thing is you will be surprised now when you see this INCREDIBLY powerful truck! We are pretty sure you have never in your life seen a 2000 foot pound Torque Duramax that has the ability to BOUNCE OFF a REV LIMITER in just 30 seconds!!! Yup, read that sentence one more time, it is all true!!! However, if you have not seen it so far, in just few moments when you see the footage, you can say that you had!

This MONSTER Chevy with a DURAMAX underneath the hood is called “Glycerine” and is here to show us what a pulling truck should sound like! And it sure did, as this one whopped those AMAZING 2000 feet pound of Duramax torque it became clear that this one could actually pull down the MOON if we only had a towing rope that long! However, it still rolls less coal than a Ford Truck per se! Sadly, we are not able to get any more information about this MONSTER, so if anyone knows something more, please feel free to comment below!

Moreover, when it comes to torque wrenches, it comes down to these!