Houston Tibbs IS BACK With BURNOUTS, ROLLIN’ COALS And More!

It has been a while since we last heard of Houston Tibbs, but he is here now and he is ready for action!!! He`s going to do his performance where you will see the real capability of the DURAMAX MOTOR! You will feel the power of this engine throughout all the burnouts that leave marks on the road due to all the BURNING TIRES! And it`s all thanks to DURAMAX!

This General Motors Diesel engine is all a truck needs! With its MASSIVE TORQUE, this V8 turbo diesel engine will blow your mind off! And God knows we all want that to happen! Check out the video that will show you a whole lot of Chevys that are clean, neat, with the body kits lifted and ready for some MAD DRIFTING! And if you prefer Cummins over Duramax, do not worry! There is a Cummins truck for you too in this video! However, it all sums up to one thing: Whether you go for the Cummins or for the Duramax, you can`t lose since they are both FABULOUS engines! So, you better be ready, because Houston Tibbs definitely is! Enjoy the footage!

Finally, to see more rolling coal action, follow this link!