The Bama Performace guys have always been trying their best to achieve the most awesome results with the newest car models and we can freely say that they are never wrong. The new task that this crew had and that you are about to see is to go 9’s at the track with the amazing stock 2015 Mustang GT. The previous missions to go 11’s, and 10’s were a piece of cake for the Bama guys and that is why they have worked hard to make the further step that required a much faster Mustang.

First of all, they took out some weight of the car, and now the Mustang weighs 3450 pounds with a driver and a quarter tank of gas. Then, they put the Boss intake manifold back on and some FTW purple that solved their previous nitrous issues. The Mustang had previously showed amazing results on a dyno test, but now it is time to unveil the moment of truth at the track with a professional driver behind the wheel. Click the video bellow, to see if the nines are in the air for this stock 2015 Mustang GT.

To see the detailed specifications of the 2015 Mustang, click here.