Tesla Model X Door Disassembled by Passing Truck!

Imagine you bought a brand new $80,000 Tesla Model X and you park it in front of the shop you want to visit, then suddenly unwelcome visitor, passing truck torn off your electric SUV’s door. Tesla driver probably didn’t think that his car will be heavily damaged on the parking spot by the road. However a security camera caught the whole situation where the driver of the big truck didn’t see that Tesla is parked on the side or he didn’t had time to react when he noticed the SUV by the road.

Tesla Model X Door Disassembled by Passing Truck 2

It just isn’t clear how this all happened but the door of this white Tesla was torn of and probably the front wing of the car was seriously damaged too. We are pretty sure the Tesla driver will double check every parking spot in the future and will think twice before he parks again his car by the road. Fortunately, no one went out from the shiny car from the passengers side, because this could be fatal.

Have you been in a similar situation like on this video? Do you think it was a fault of the truck driver or the Tesla driver? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think in the comment section below.