Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV Balances On Four WOODEN BOARDS!

This Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV driver manages to perform one neat trick that will leave all of you in awe. To be frank, Jeep people sure are a very strange breed. Because of their beasty vehicle, they don`t bother slowing when approaching speed bumps, they park on snow mounds when shopping for groceries and mainly turn into little kids when behind the wheel of their rigs. In this one, we can see another strange video involving a Jeep which features a very neat trick playing ballerina.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV Balances 1

The trick is performed at a parking lot somewhere and it involves balancing on four wooden seesaws! This video uploaded on the Rock Crawling Is Not A Crime Facebook page got us very interested and we just had to share this video with you.

When it comes to your layman, this video portraying a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV balancing on four seesaws must seem like a rather pointless exercise. However, to Jeep drivers this is the ultimate test when it comes to driver skills. This really is a very neat test of skill because trying to massage the two left pedals and drive slowly without overshooting the wooden boards must be tough for a driver. Other scenario that can happen is for this Jeep to stall while performing the trick.

However, ultimately this driver manages to get it done, triumphantly placing the Jeep atop the blocks. Something else that`s interesting to see is if someone can manage to perform this without even touching the clutch. Now that would be a sight to behold.

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Posted by Rock Crawling Is Not A Crime on Wednesday, September 20, 2017