What Your Suspension Goes Through When You Hit A Big Pothole!

Car damage from a big pothole is a very common thing. It can cause massive suspension problems, tire bulges and body damage. Potholes are actually road imperfections that form when the soil beneath the pavement becomes displaced or weakened. During the spring, the running water combined with ice disrupts the layers underneath the pavement. Having said this, driving does not get easier when winter season ends because roads in some areas are thoroughly infested with huge potholes that make them look like a war zone. Now, you can avoid some of them, however, you can`t avoid all of them because there might be dozens of them.

Suspension Hit A Big Pothole 1

This video aims to find out what exactly happens to your car`s suspension when you go with your car through a huge pothole. The car suspension is built to provide smooth rides and absorb various impacts. However, like with everything, even a strong suspension has a limit.

Jarring and sudden hits against a big pothole can inflict different suspension problems. These problems include broken ball joints, misalignment and damaged struts or shocks.

This can cause your steering wheel to be off center, your handling will feel loose and your vehicle will pull in one direction. Unusual wandering steering, sounds and vibrations accompanied with poor ride quality is other problems that can occur when hitting a massive pot hole.

Suspension damage is proven to be very difficult to diagnose. Having said this, if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, it`s best to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for inspection. Or you can just check for car suspension parts and try to find a mechanic friend who can do the work.

At last, this car got destroyed after being towed OUT of a pothole!