BAGGED NISSAN S13 Needs Some Air Suspension Kit!

I`m sure that many of you simply love when a great sports car is turned into a real low rider, right? I mean, what is not to like in it, especially when you come across some awesome low Nissan GTR, or like in this case, a Nissan S13? The car definitely looks more attractive, it gives it a more ominous look, and it makes heads turn! The only thing is that sometimes it is not always for a good reason! What we have here is a driver (possibly a girl, I`m not sure) with one pretty cool looking white Nissan Silvia S13, who is having a little bit of problems because of the fact that it lacks an Air Suspension Kit!

Trying to park the car, there is a trouble because of the sidewalk, which is too high for the car. And when the extremely stanced sports car is combined with one of those “quick release” bumpers, and a driver who cannot get into a curb very good, then there is some damage. But luckily not a big one!

Just watch the video and tell us what you think about it! Does it need an Air Suspension Kit? And if you are into a stanced cars, and want to see some pretty good examples, go to this link.