20 Years Of PRISON For Importing A NISSAN S15 SILVIA Car!

Car Lovers all over the States dream of the day when certain cars would be legal to drive on our streets! Not long ago, we finally got the chance to import the good-old Nissan Skyline GTR, and that sure was a holiday for all of us! However, a man from the USA tried to ILLIEGALY import the one and only NISSAN S15 SILVIA car.

This car is illegal in our country, so as soon as the authorities found out about this, they made sure that the smuggler gets arrested! It is a shame that the car never got into the hands of an enthusiast. That 2.0 L SR20DET I4 Turbo engine that hides under the hood, would have ripped the streets off!!! Anyway, the NISSAN SILVIA car was not going to stay in the hands of the 31 year old smuggler as it was meant to be sent to a car enthusiast in South Carolina! The right-hand driver, therefore, never got in his hands as it was seized by the authorities! Well, what can we do? It is a MONSTER of a car and it would have been nice to have one, but then again, the law is the law, and all must obey it!!!

Anyway, if you love this car, check out the nice drifting action with it in the video below. Plus, follow this link to see some funny stunts performed with a Mazda Miata MX5 and a Nissan Silvia.