This CAR REBUILD Will Amaze You! A 5 Month Lotus Evora Project Turning The Ride To A Beautiful White Swan!

It`s the dream of every car enthusiast. Build and rebuild, then wax, paint and hit the road! But as many would say, it is a rich man`s world! Do you have the time and the money? Then come and see what this mechanic and engineer (we figured he`s qualified for both now) has for you! The car rebuild world is full of enthusiasts, but this video shows us that some of them are definitely unique. The Lotus Evora does not seem to have participated in any accidents, whatsoever. But this guy here still decided to play car rebuild with it!

If you are the true kind of Gearhead, as we know you are reading our website, you`ll watch this thing without skipping. That is the only way to actually feel this car rebuild and witness this Lotus Evora turning in a beautiful white swan! The chassis work done flawlessly. Even the front body construction is changed! And yes, it is now welded and stronger than ever, no stock needed! No shots though of the car being taken to the frame shop or a frame machine being used! However, we have been following this car rebuild and we assure you that the owners thought of that before you!

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