T800 Kenworth Truck Equipped With A Roto Dump Rotating Body! This Feature Will Play A Big Role In The Future!

Every machine that offers practicality and convenience has to get the job done! And the T800 Kenworth Truck most certainly offers that! No matter in what field of work, the Kenworth truck never disappoints! It combines splendid highway efficiency with awesome performance and durability at off road! Kenworth is a company that proved itself numerous times in building trucks with a very small amount of tare weight. And it can move all kinds of stuff with excellent sure footed confidence over uneven, steep and very slippery job sites!

The T800 Kenworth truck is a very special truck indeed. But in this video we have a very special feature fitted into this very special truck. A feature that definitely is a game changer in the dump truck business! With no further ado, it`s called the Roto Dump!

If you are delivering something to home owners, you definitely don`t want a huge truck. Because, with a huge truck you won`t be able to maneuver around your costumer`s property. However, you shouldn`t buy a small truck. In that way, you will have to take multiple trips in order to finish some very simple deliveries.

So, where does the Roto Dump come in this conundrum you may ask? Well, because of the Roto Dump, having a huge truck in this business does not pose a problem at all! The Roto Dump gives a huge truck way more maneuverability and many more alternatives on where it can deposit its load!

Just imagine how much the Roto Dump is making the truck drivers lives easier. Drivers won`t have to worry on where to perfectly position their truck because they can do almost everything with just rotating the bed!
In the video below you can see the T800 Kenworth truck equipped with the Roto Dump feature in action! It`s very neat indeed. We are sure it will play a big role in the future when it comes to construction and engineering!

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