Hello my dear muscle car aficionados and enthusiasts. When it comes to the following truck video clip that we have prepared for you in this article, I won`t say that it will be something very special for all of the truck fans. Simply because this is one of those things which is not limited (or specialized) to only a certain group of Gearheads, but it is something which anyone should see it. And look at it with the mouth open, and hopefully get a few good laughs with this river crossing!

One really does not have to be an expert or a big time fan of trucks, to know that they are extremely powerful and capable to carry a lot of loud in their trailers. But what about when it comes to crossing and overcoming different obstacles that would be something undoable for any other vehicle?!

Well, if we are to judge according to the following video, nothing is impossible for a powerful Peterbilt or a Kenworth truck, especially if there is such a skillful and determined driver behind the wheel, who also happens to be a little bit crazy, and a true daredevil as well! The video below is giving us a perfect example of one such truck and its driver, who is a combo of all those above mentioned features. And probably more!

So you better have a look at the following river crossing clip and see how this guy is crossing that huge river that has flooded the entire river bank! It will leave most of you speechless, trust me! And if you want more crazy stuff connected with trucks, go to this link.