Supercharger Keychain Prototype! It Is Small, But Very Effective! Thoughts?!

If you want your car to have a lot of power, you need a good supercharger. There are a lot of good ones you can buy, but this one is quite special. What makes the supercharger in this video different is actually its size. It is really small in comparison to other superchargers! It`s no wonder it is known as a supercharger keychain! Although it`s still a prototype, just a glimpse of it will make you want to have one! The video depicts the supercharger keychain prototype taking an airflow test.

If you call yourself a proud gearhead, this is something you wouldn`t like to miss! After all, this might be the part you need to make your car better than ever! Furthermore, this supercharger keychain prototype flows at approximately 2.5cmf at 48,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). This supercharger keychain would certainly be a great addition for any key!

This little supercharger keychain apparently uses some components from another model, namely the GE-S1. As for its parts, the small supercharger has a custom machined impeller, a little pulley, and the GE-S1 turbo compressor. It can also be seen from the video that this item works very well. We don`t know about you, but we would definitely love to have one of these little things as a keychain! It looks great and it works! The guy who made this small supercharger keychain knew exactly what he was doing.

The least we could do is to share the video of it with all of you here! So wait no more and see the video below. These little keychains can be bought online, so don`t worry if you want to get yourself one! Check out the video and let us know what you think about the supercharger keychain!

Finally, here is one website where you can purchase various types of such keychains!