WARNING! OPEN YOUR EYES! This Gas Station SCAM Is Spreading Fast!

Have you heard about this gas station scam?

New SCAM Is Threatening At The Gas Stations 43 Gas Station SCAM 3

When one scam is busted, thieves are working hard towards finding a new way to trick you for their benefit. This concrete article has the purpose to WARN you to be very careful next time you are fueling up your tank at the gas station. Eyes wide open people! It doesn`t take much, you just have to be a bit extra cautious. This trend is relatively new, and we are more than glad to inform you about it and hope that you are going to spread the news! The sooner we stop this new gas station scam, the better for everyone who honestly pays for his or her own gas! So take a minute or two to watch this video and make sure you do not fall victim to this gas station scam!

The trick used by the thieves is pretty simple. When they arrive at the gas station, they CHANGE the HOSES of the PUMPS. So be sure the hose you are putting in your vehicle is attached to the pump next to you and more importantly do not let somebody to distract you! Because then you are going to be the one paying for somebody else`s gas.

New SCAM Is Threatening At The Gas Stations 43 Gas Station SCAM 4

Until now, this negative trend is happening only in California. Therefore, we present you this video in order to raise the awareness and prepare you for what may come. It won`t take much to share this video as well, as someone you may know might get scammed! Do not hesitate anymore!

Press the play button on the video below, educate yourself, and send word to your friends about this gas station scam. Also, feel free to tell us your view about this whole situation!

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