This Super-Powered V8 RC CAR Looks & Sounds Astonishing!

Making a V8 RC Car seems to be perceived in our society as something that takes too much effort to get right and rarely delivers great results, but this guy went against all that when he built this little super-powered monster! This little red monster has an engine which is half the size of the entire thing just sticking out from under the non-existent hood with all its pistons. Before this guy fires it up, it looks great but you have no idea what`s coming – this little beast sounds better than most cars out there, and you can be absolutely certain that this is no toy!

Super Powered V8 RC Car 2

It rips through the floor, leaving tire marks all over the place, like I`ve seen no other remote controlled vehicle do. The name of this toy is the V8 HotRod Hofrunde, and it looks like it could seriously threaten the current V8 RC Car records, but we have yet to see it on the race track. When that does happen, though, I`m sure it`s going to be a hit, even if it doesn`t break the record, because this little machine is simply dazzling.

The guy that made it must have had a lot of engineering knowledge because otherwise this remote controlled car wouldn`t rip little rocks out of the floor when it sped up, and it wouldn`t sound so good or move as fast as it does. I want to see this V8 RC car put against other little vehicles but I doubt that any of them are gonna sound or look as epic as this one.

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