IMPORT Vehicles Revving Silenced By V8 HOT ROD!

Car shows are the events where lots of various characters with different vehicles are gathered in one place. Such a splendid mixture where people exchange opinions and experiences as well. As you are familiar already, you can see older vehicles and new ones, muscle cars and imports as well depending on the car show. Today`s video shows one pretty amusing fragment of a motor show. It in, we can see plenty of tuned import vehicles, and some among them are revving their engines. This creates positive atmosphere, everybody`s having a good time. But after 15 seconds all that is going to be changed. Naturally to a better level. While the other 4-cylinder vehicles are making a show for the gathered crowd, one V8 Hot rod decides to take matters in his own hands.

Figuratively of course. And now, it`s show time. The friend of the Hotrod`s driver warns the people who are standing next to this mighty vehicle to step aside. At first, they hesitate a little bit, but after the V8 Hot Rod has started they immediately saw why they were warned! When this Hotrod began revving it managed to start the alarm of the Evo next to it! That`s how powerful this engine is!

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