Super Clean 1970 BLACK CHEVELLE SS! You Are Going To LOVE IT!

Time for some action! It`s been a while since we have felt that pure American muscle power with the roaring engines and loud exhausts! Simply, there are cars that speak for themselves, their looks are BAD, and their motion is wicked! Well, now we are going to take a closer look to this AMAZING 1970 black CHEVELLE SS – Fesler Built. The car presents everything you would imagine as a dream car and something that you would definitely want to take for a spin on the streets!

This 1970 black Chevy Chevelle one has it all – it has the sound and it has the looks! The Fesler wheels make sure that the pavement remembers them while the exhaust sound stays in a certain area for a while and echoes in people`s ears! A real monster hides underneath the hood – an LS-7 engine with a 6 speed transmission! The Fesler team also took care of the interior which is fully Fesler built, and they did not forget to put some HUGE brakes! As they motto says: Build it right the first time! We can honestly say that they have stuck to it! Check it out and enjoy!

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