This Artist Had Rebuilt A STREET LEGAL INDY CAR!

What could be a bigger head turner than to own a real race Indy car and to legally drive it on the streets? Yes, there are many insane dragsters, and other muscle monsters out there, but I do not think that any of them can match the allure of this awesome example. I`m sure that you have seen other Indy cars before, but what makes this one different is that it has been completely repurposed so that it can be a hundred percent street legal Indy Car and its owner can drive it literally anywhere, on any street, all over the country!

And the man behind it is the artist Dean Loucks, who had bought this race car back in 2007 and add a series of his personal touch to it, and turned into a real beauty! The previous owner had already made the car street legal when he got it, so all he had to do was a little labor, so that he will make it look much more appealing. And he definitely did that, because the result is simply awesome!

The street legal Indy car weights only 1 200 pounds and it can reach a top speed of 120 mph, as the original motor was replaced with a Chevy small block. It may not be the fastest cat on the streets, but it is definitely the most attractive one!

Check it out and see it for yourself! And if you want to see more insane street legal vehicles, go to this link.