Impeccable Subaru Impreza Drift On The Streets Of St. Petersburg! Amazing Footage!

Drifting is one of the most exciting driving techniques to watch. Although it is commonly associated with Asia, or Japan to be more specific, this doesn`t mean that other countries don`t have drifters! The incredible video you are about to watch was filmed on the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. It is a footage of probably the best Subaru Impreza drift we have ever seen! This is why we are more than glad to share it with everyone here! What makes this video even more incredible is the way it is filmed. The camera is placed above the rear door, facing the direction in which the car is drifting.

With the camera being placed at that spot, watching this video makes you feel like you are driving in the back! The car used for this drifting is a Subaru Impreza with a Toyota 1jz engine. As for the driver, he is one of the most skilled drifters we have seen. Even though there wasn`t much traffic on the streets of St. Petersburg when this video was filmed, the driver`s skill is quite evident. At one point he even stops at a red light, because he cares about the law (to an extent at least)! Press that play button and watch this impeccable Subaru Impreza drift! Cheers!

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