Check This Remote TRUCK with NITROUS OXIDE!

You probably remember all the videos we had about implementing NOS, about cars with NOS etc. If you read our articles daily, you just might remember the video where two friends controlled a real truck with a remote control! What we have for you today is a combination of those two: a remote truck with nitrous oxide! Yes, that is right!

Imagine showing this one to your kids, they will probably never going to look at their old remote control truck again! However, this little toy is not really for kids! If you had it in your home, you would probably spend more time playing with it than your kids would. It is definitely cool to own one of these bad boys. You can be sure that you will win every other Monster Truck in your neighborhood. So, why wait? If you are being a bit impatient to see this incredible invention, then check out the video bellow and be done with it! This new member will definitely bring joy among your family! Who knows, you might want to add another Remote Truck to your collection!

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