Monster Truck BackFlip by Son-Uva Digger – His First Ever!

For those of you who (still) do not know him, Ryan Anderson is a pro monster truck driver for Son- Uva Digger, a son of the one and only Dennis Anderson (if you had spent these last decades out of planet earth and don`t know who that is, check out on the internet). And the video that you are about to see in today`s post is a real good introduction of this young man and all that he is capable of doing with his monster truck. This event is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Monster Jam 2011 and here we have the young and rising star Dennis doing his first ever Monster Truck BackFlip with his Son- Uva Digger. As you will see it for yourself, it is a short but very, very effective video that will give you a pure adrenalin rush.

There are no many guys out there who are able to do a stunt performance like this. Just watch those perfectly balanced moves and the right speed that is needed to do this kind of attractive move. It is really awesome!

So, without further adieu, Dennis Anderson doing a Monster Truck backflip in Son- Uva Digger.

Anyway, here are some more cool Monster Truck tricks!

Enjoy the video below!

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