Selecting the right cover for your car is a relatively small investment but a very important one to keep your vehicle in tip top shape and also to protect it from nature`s fury. There is a broad choice in aesthetic features, but you will be also amazed at what else is out there on the market. We stumbled upon a commercial which promotes a smart automatic car cover. It`s amazingly practical and easy to use. You mount the compressed car cover on the top of your vehicle. Then with just the push of a button, the car cover unpacks itself and covers your entire vehicle.

Smart Automatic Car Cover 12

It`s made out of a polyester which is taffeta silver coated. It`s applicable for different types of vehicles like sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars, SUVs, coupes etc. It`s suitable for all seasons, both indoor and outdoor. It can protect your vehicle from various elements like dust, sand, snow, rain, bird droppings, leafs, scratches and UV fading. It uses a lithium battery that needs 5-6 hours to be charged.

However, we still haven`t seen a single person using this smart automatic car cover, and we can`t be 100% sure of its efficiency. Do you have any experience with this peculiar car cover? If so, let us know in the comment section below.

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