Quad Bike With Tilting Suspension System By Wesll For Ultimate Control Over Your Vehicle! Incredible Technology!

Although it is very often overlooked, having a good suspension system on your vehicle is actually very important. It helps with handling and braking and it also isolates bumps from the road, vibrations etc. Most of today`s vehicles have a non-tilting suspension system, which has been doing a good job for a very long time. However, as time progressed and technology advanced, changes were bound to happen.

The video we are sharing with you today shows us a new kind of suspension that is gaining popularity each and every day! It is a product of a company named Wesll, and it is a tilting suspension system that drastically improves the safety, performance and efficiency of the vehicle! Even though this mechanism is not entirely new, this particular suspension model by Wesll seems to be the best one yet!

In the video, you will see a quad bike equipped with the tilting suspension system by Wesll. You will immediately notice the impact this system has on the overall performance of the quad. This suspension system allows the user to change directions by leaning, instead of turning the steering wheel. Because of this, the control over the vehicle is drastically improved! A vehicle with the Wesll suspension is capable of a 55 degree lean angle!

It doesn`t stop here! You will see just how well this tilting suspension system absorbs the shock from bumps! Furthermore, if you jump with a vehicle that has the leaning suspension installed, your landing will be really smooth! Overall, this seems like a remarkable concept to us. It is still being developed, and we hope it will soon be available on the market. Until that moment comes, the best we can do is share a video of this incredible suspension system, so you can catch a glimpse of its potential.

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