SLOW MOTION Recording Of Mazda RX 7 Flame Spitting Exhaust!

God bless the inventor of drifting! If it wasn`t for him, we would have missed a great deal of excitement vehicles can offer. Of course, it is not all about the car. The skilled drivers take credit as well. In fact, if the driver is not experienced enough, the drift will be poor. Or even worse, there will be no drift at all! Nevertheless, we are here to present you the best in the world of drifting, offering you numerous, divergent videos of drifting vehicles and flame spitting exhaust!

Anyhow, let`s observe what`s on today`s menu. First of all, we would recommend an increase of the volume of your speakers! Because although this video has a slow motion section, you don`t want to miss the sublime engine sound and the marvelous flame spitting exhaust! Furthermore, we could freely state that this is one of the best drifting videos we have seen lately, judging by the huge amounts of smoke in this recording! In addition to this, there is a surprise at the end of the video, also in slow motion, that acts as the icing on top of the cake! Be sure to watch till the end to find out what the surprise is!

At last, click here for one more irresistible drifting action with the Mazda RX-7 beast!