Sleeper Truck Destroys Roman Atwood GTR!

Celebrities always like to brag about their cars and see whose collection is better than others, and of our celebrities favorite car simply has to be Roman Atwood GTR. His red beast is absolutely amazing and we have previously come across many videos in which he demonstrated what his Nissan is actually capable of. In an ideal world he would consider his car as one of the best out there, but it was time for Roman Atwood and his Nissan GTR to face reality.

Sleeper Truck Destroys Roman Atwood GTR 2

Namely, in this video we take a look at something amazing, something that will blow your mind hence this is a very special drag race between his Nissan GTR and a sleeper truck. We are all aware of what those sleepers are actually capable of, but none expected to see this. Even though Roman mentioned before the race that the sleeper truck pulls so hard, we were all shocked when saw the truck in action.

It took just fraction of a second before the sleeper was seen flying across the drag track and winning the race against Roman Atwood GTR by far. The Nissan simply could have kept in touch with it. This amazing race can be seen in one of his vlogs, somewhere around the end of the video. Everyone stops for a little talk just after the race and they are all impressed by the power that the mighty sleeper truck has.

What do you think, is this one of the best such trucks you have ever seen? At last, read Roman Atwood`s full bio here!