2017 Silverado ProCharger Racing a Kawasaki Ninja!

All these years at musclecarszone.com, we have seen all sorts of races! Whether it is a drag race, street race or high competition one, we have seen it all! A motorboat racing a tractor, supercar racing a muscle car etc. Now, let`s check out this 2017 Silverado Procharger measuring its strength with a Kawasaki Ninja! On first view, it looks kind of obvious that a regular truck is inferior to a sports bike, especially if it is a Kawasaki Ninja! I mean, the Ninja is basically designed for races, right?! Well, there is a catch here.

2017 Silverado ProCharger Racing A Kawasaki Ninja 2

This 2017 Chevy Silverado is a real modded beast and will not take stuff from anyone! Now, a bike might think that it can beat trucks easily, but when the street truck comes with a custom cam kit, D-1X Kit and racing headers… things might go the other way for the bike! The Silverado Procharger took the street and roamed the highway.

The Chevy street truck runs 91 pump, with custom cilibration. No one in this world, would give the Kawasaki Ninja the underdog role to play. After seeing this video, you might consider not to underestimate who you think is the weaker one! So, the race went on, the Kawasaki Ninja tried to compete but got lost in the Silverado`s mirror for good! The first couple of feet decided the winner of this street race including a truck and a bike. Check out the video below, you might get really impressed!

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