Rollover Damage: Ford F150 Aluminum Body VS Chevy Silverado!

The Ford F150 Aluminum body has received a lot of recognition lately, but how safe it really is in an accident scenario? When buying a brand new truck or car, one of the key factors that you should consider is how safe that truck or car actually is and how much resistant to damage when in an accident that vehicle really is. In this one, we can see one guy giving us a full rundown on the Ford F150 and its aluminum construction. There is a huge rivalry between Ford and Chevy about everything, and of course, safety is one of those things.

Ford F150 Aluminum Body Rollover Damage VS Chevy Rollover Damage 2

Many people have been arguing against or for the implementation of aluminum in construction truck bodies. So, we are more than happy to see this analysis. However, we are not really if this video manages to give us a real decision whether it`s safe to put your family in a vehicle with an aluminum chassis or not. Nevertheless, we will leave you to determine this by yourselves. This guy is checking a few rollover cars. Some of them are sporting the Ford F150 aluminum body and others are having the steel body like Chevy prefers.

This video shows how much damage has endured both of these cars and we can have some kind of an idea as to what we are dealing with when driving an aluminum body car and a steel body car. The Ford`s roof is not collapsed and the Chevy didn`t have any tears in the steel.

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