WRECKED FORD F150 Gives A Whole New Meaning TO BUILT FORD!

Here we go with something truly `special` for all those Ford pickup truck aficionados, who always wanted to prove that no matter how good Chevy or GMC trucks (or whatever) there are out there, there is only one that is called Ford and it is the best! I think that it will be a good booster and a pretty decent reason to have a few laughs and some fun, without insulting anyone. As you could have read in the title, what we have here, is one completely wrecked Ford F150 truck, which, according to the video description, it is a result of a big fire that happened in the house, the previous day.

The footage is taken a day after, when the firefighters were cleaning up the mess, and one of them needed to move that wrecked Ford F150 from what probably used to be a garage, over an entire pile of junk and garbage. And as the firemen are joking, this would probably be a good video for a commercial that would give a Ford a whole new meaning to built Ford tough!

But you better take a look at the video and see the entire scene yourself, I believe that you are going to enjoy it! On the other hand, for those of you who want to learn something about the 2015 Ford F150, go to this link.