Mistakes, spins and epic fails are a regular part of every sport, including rallying where the possibility of such thing happening is on a high scale. So far, we have come up with several miscalculations on the track. Some of them were crucial, while others were quite funny for the audience. However, the thing that we have today has something from the both worlds, as it is a quite awkward situation. We have a legendary scene that will surely remind you of the movie “Austin Powers” where Austin gets stuck with his vehicle in one narrow path. Well, today we have a similar situation where one Opel rally car gets stuck in a tunnel, during the popular event 2015 Historic Rally Festival!

This is just a sequence of all of the fails that occurred during the event this year. However, we have definitely found out the most epic one, as the driver of this beastly looking rally car, did an unbelievable move that we thought can be happen only in movies! We still wonder how the driver managed to get perfectly stuck with his Opel rally car in the narrow tunnel! It fits like a glove! I bet he is excellent at parallel parking! Luckily, there was no car after him, which could have easily made an even bigger problem! Not 4, 5… but 8 people jumped out of the crowd to help the poor driver, who continued the rally afterwards! Worth watching!

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