Shaquille O’Neal Buys A Ford F-650 XLT Super Duty Truck As His Daily Driver!

Shaquille O`Neal is a huge guy and needs a huge truck. This is simple math, really. Measuring at 7-foot-1-inch tall and also weighing a bit more than 325-pound when he was playing, Shaq needed a brand new daily driver. It seems like the basketball icon found the real deal, and we got to say it is a really huge truck. Definitely larger than the Buick LaCrosse he used to endorse. To be more precise, it is a Ford F-650 XLT Super Duty Truck from Wade Ford in Georgia. This mammoth truck is built by SuperTruck which is also located in Georgia. The crew from SuperTruck exclusively builds a small number of these monstrous machines every year. Each of these creations are built to match the buyer`s wishes and are remarkable in their own way. Shaq`s Ford F-650 XLT is not really the copy of the factory F-650.

However, it is pretty close. Instead, it has all the luxuries that can be found in more pedestrian and smaller pickup trucks made by Ford. Leather interior, heated seats, and a complex infotainment system that features navigation, Bluetooth, HD radio, and full access to various applications. We mentioned that this truck is very close to the stock one because it`s actually fitted with the 6.7L Powerstroke V8 diesel engine. This engine delivers 330HP and 750 lb-ft of torque. Having said that, moving Shaq around will pose no problem at all. The price tag of this Super Duty Truck definitely justifies its performance. SuperTruck announced the F-650 XLT starts at $109,760. However, Shaq`s custom made ride tallied $124,150 with different customization and options. Nevertheless, with all the money he has made from playing basketball and receiving various endorsements, we are sure his wallet is able to take the hit.

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