1/4 Scale Free Style 250cc Chevrolet V8 Engine!

Not all gearheads are interested in how engines exactly work. However, this little fascinating machine will definitely leave you craving for more. The Chevrolet V8 engine is renowned in the automotive world, however this little contraption is otherworldly cool. It`s a ¼ scale V8 engine that sounds magnificent and works like a charm. It has a 200mm cylinder head that is completely water cooler. The overall weight is up to 37 pounds. We also got to mention the 270 degree camshafts and the oil pan that is made with a 1mm sheet steel. Elsewhere you can find a plastic distributer cap that is 3D printed.

The custom diaphragm carburetor is downright insane. However, this is far from all the magnificent components included in this ¼ scale Chevrolet V8 engine. It`s also very fuel efficient. Just pour a bit of 95 octane fuel and this scaled down V8 can purr an entire day. It has over 100 specific components used in construction. Having said that, it`s insane to consider how much patience and know-how was needed in order to finish this creation. Ultimately, we can safely guarantee you that you are going to be left in awe after watching this video. Watch the video below and enjoy! Finally, take a load of this 468 Big Block Chevrolet Engine!