Got Boost? – Meet “The Sister” RC Rat Rod Mini Tanker With A Twin Turbo V8 Engine!

They are maybe not so functional, but these turbocharger keychains deliver the perfect turbocharger replica for RC cars. This video also feature various tricks and tips for building an accurate RC rat rod model that has an immense cool-factor impact. The host of this incredible video is the YouTuber cyanidetube. He obviously has a huge background in RC building and modeling as well. He is now being more awesome than ever by sharing some of his useful tricks and tips. He finds his inspiration in gearheads that are building their own full-size rat rods. We just can`t get enough of his endless creativity.

Now, cyanidetube has refined his technique and style so much that he is actually delivering amazing lifelike details like spark plug wires. However, he also focuses on the turbochargers` size in correspondence to the engine. Having said that, this dude is really becoming a master builder. In this one, we meet his latest RC rat rod creation that is named “The Sister.” It`s a mini tanker fitted with a V8 engine. How cool is that? We can`t wait to see more of this amazing creation. Watch the video below and find out what his plans are for the keychains. It`s bound to leave you in awe.

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