SCX10 Toyota Hilux RC Car Drives Under Ice & Water!

The Japanese manufacturer took the Hilux project very seriously as they produced one of the best trucks lately! The new Hilux is competing shoulder to shoulder with the leading 4×4 trucks in the world! Latest proof is the infamous moose test taken by the Toyota Hilux where it showed great handle and safety results! However, the famous truck got this great Toyota Hilux RC car which might be greater than its giant twin on a different scale, of course.

What`s fascinating about this RC is that it can go deeply under water, on a frozen lake and still run its engine!
It is an unsaid fact that serious speed cannot be seen in this Toyota Hilux RC car. However, this RC vehicle is more eager to show us its off road capabilities! As some like to joke about it, the RC Hilux performs better than a regular one! It remains a fact that this is the first time we have seen a tiny scaled vehicle to operate under water and thus offer a heck of a show. Drifting is also included in this Toyota frozen lake trip. So, all satisfaction is guaranteed. Cheers to this amazing down scaled vehicle!

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