Toyota Corrects The New Hilux After The Disastrous 2016 Moose Test!

Last year in October a Swedish publication decided to subject the new Hilux to a “moose test.” However, the Japanese car greatly failed to pass the test. Nevertheless, it looks like Toyota didn`t accept that lightly and according the Swedish publication – Teknikens Värld, the Japanese manufacturer has developed a neat package in order to correct the new Hilux`s behavior. For you not familiar with the infamous moose test, it`s actually a rigorous handling evaluation which is made to simulate a situation where an animal runs in front of the car. The vehicles in this type of test are moving at around 37 mph.

In the previous video made in 2016, the Hilux came extremely close at crashing at even lower speed than that. Teknikens Värld announced that after releasing that story, Toyota has approached them with the new Hilux. Apparently, the Japanese manufacturer managed to develop a fix for this handling problem. According to Toyota, the solution is consisted of two parts. The first solution features recommended tire pressure for maximum load. The second on the other hand, provides an electronic stability control system which should bring down the speeds in an evasive maneuver. To see how the new Hilux fares up in the moose test, check out the video below!

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