Sam Reynolds Performs The Most Daredevil Stunt Of Them All!

Usually, bikers are normal people like most of us. However, when they`re doing something like this daredevil stunt, I start doubting their sanity.

Sam Reynolds Performs The Most Daredevil Stunt 2_1

I mean sure, the adrenaline rush you get is awesome, but I don`t think it justifies having a million chances to die in a matter of minutes. This guy starts on the top of what looks like a mountain, drives his mountain bike on a ledge only about a foot wide and survives – now that`s what I call instinct. Of course, the primary instinct would probably be to not do this, but once he`s moving, there`s no turning back!

In only about a minute and a half, Sam Reynolds jumps off a hundred cliffs while landing on little strips of flat land that he could miss with ease, drives on deadly ledges with drops going to multiple thousands of feet below him and he even does some tricks as he jumps off some ramps and onto cliffs about half a foot wide. It`s a really daredevil stunt but this guy pulls it off perfectly.

The balance he maintains is simply incredible and for someone who got terrified while watching this video, let me tell you – the guy has guts like no other!

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