160MPH ADRENALINE RUSH At Isle Of Man RACE! This Bikes Sound Like The Old F1 CARS!

Just like any other gearhead, we love races. Not just cars, any kind of good race is good for us. Today, we are sharing a video that was filmed on the small Isle of Man, situated between the England and Northern Ireland. On this small island one of the premier motorcycle racing events in the world happens! We are talking about the Isle of Man TT races! This event is an epitome for an amazing motorcycle race! Bikers develop crazy speeds and race on the city streets! In this video, you will see bikers going over 160 miles per hour!

What we found really interesting was the whole format of this race. In the United States, all racing is done on race tracks, be it for cars or motorcycles. Here however, the racing is done on the city streets! Furthermore, there is barely any protection for the bystanders! Anyway, if you are planning on watching this amazing motorcycle race with your headphones on, tune the volume down. The sound these bikes are making is remarkably loud, but it is still awesome! Sit back and watch this awesome video of the Isle of Man TT race! We are certain that you will love it! Cheers!

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