Unbelievable! Toyota RAV4 Turbo Tries To Race A Modified Evolution Lancer…Turns Out The Evo Driver Is A Policeman!

Every time when you are cruising along and spotting the familiar police headlights popping up behind you, it is a Ford Crown Victoria. When that happens, you feel a small rush of anxiety because of the possibility to be pulled over and written for some minor traffic violation. However, the police officer seen cruising here is in no ordinary police vehicle. Oh no, instead he is cruising around in a modified Evolution Lancer! You would usually write this off as the policeman`s daily driver. However, his actions say something entirely different. He rolls down a window and threatens to pull over the guys filming him.

What`s the deal with that?! Is this police officer something like Brian O` Connor who is waiting to bust some street racers? Whatever the case may be, this is the coolest policeman we have ever seen. Probably it`s a detective with major enthusiasm for powerful cars. We can`t really blame this police officer for threatening to pull these guys over. Trying to race in the middle of a dense traffic is definitely not cool. So we can conclude that this policeman was very fair with them. Nevertheless, it`s a very obscure situation. These guys totally freaked out when it turned out the modified Evolution Lancer`s driver is a police officer.

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