30 Of PAUL WALKER Car Collection STOLEN After Demise!

Once we heard that Paul Walker lost his life we were all devastated. Neither one of us believed it is true. Sadly, that turned out to be true. As that happened everybody wanted Paul and his friend Roger Rodas to rest in peace, as they deserve, somebody is apparently playing with all of us and our emotions. How can there be people like that? How can they even think to reach for the Paul Walker CAR COLLECTION that was his life? It is outrageous!

As the Yahoo News state, the estate of the movie star is now struggling to get back 30+ cars supposedly stolen immediately after the car accident. The papers issued from the court, signed on behalf of Paul`s estate, declare that Richard Taylor and several associates are “accused of removing over 30 of Walker`s cars from a warehouse…within 24 hours of the November 30, 2013 fatal crash.”

It is thought that some of the stolen cars are three 1995 M3s, and a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS, as well as a 2008 BMW M3, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, and a 2004 GMC truck. Does this situation like this leave a place for a conspiracy theory?
Finally, here`s the video of Paul Walker`s car collection so you can see all of those marvelous vehicles all together as they are supposed to be.

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