2 Yamahas, EVO 9 & Porsche GT3 RS Do EXTREME Ice Skating!

In the vast spaces of Lapland, at a temperature of -13 degrees Fahrenheit in Arjeplog municipality, a group of French people decided to visit this place for some fun. This place is known as a winter test side, often used by Asian and European car manufacturers. In this video we have Europeans with Asian and European vehicles. Although it looks fun driving like this could be fatal, if you are not a professional. Anyway, it is a pleasure to watch this extreme ice skating and it will leave you amazed.

At the beginning of the video, they present us the vehicles used, and we admit that they look great on the snow under low sunlight. There are two cars and two motorbikes, making two pairs of one car and one bike that will drive along. We are talking about Yamaha`s 1000 R1 and 450 WRF, Mitsubishi`s EVO 9 and the European representative Porsche GT3 RS. It is obvious that these people know what are they doing and they are prepared. Therefore they are able to reach amazing 258 kmh (160 mph) with the Yamaha 1000 R1. Watch till the end to see how EXTREME these guys will go in their extreme ice skating endeavor!

P.S. Are you looking for some safety tips for icy roads? If the answer is yes, follow this link.