Porsche 9ff GT3 RS vs 911 Turbo vs GT-R AMS Alpha 12+!

The fearless Russian guys strike again with a new video! Porsche 9ff GT3 RS vs 911 Turbo Protomotive 1200 vs GT-R AMS Alpha 12+!

Yes, they are racing again but this time not on a closed race track yet out on the highway! Of course, being out there racing on the motorway among the other regular car can be really exciting and adrenalin pumping. However, the line between entertainment and disaster in a situation like this is very thin. Be careful for your own good, these people know what they are doing. There are several thrilling races in this video. The two siblings from Porsche are first and the winner gets to compete with the Nissan. See who the winners are!

Finally, check out this supercar race in the middle of the day!